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Me And Myself

Me And Myself In Stores Now

Me And Myself, a Bass House single released by EDM producer Peyrokh. It features energy-driven bass lines, coupled with dark and ominous vocals by Amir Daraei. If you’re a fan […]

Ocean: Give Me The Answer (Vocal Mix)

Ocean: Give Me The Answer Coming Soon

Ocean: Give Me The Answer, a House, release single by Russian EDM producer DJ Alex Storm. It features positive vocals, bouncing bass lines and rolling, upbeat Dance Music melodies. If […]

Break The Chains

Break The Chains In Stores Now

Break The Chains, a Dance release EP by German EDM producer Rick Francis. It features positive-vibe vocals from Calvin Biasi, bouncing bass lines and rolling, upbeat Dance Music melodies. If […]

The Crown

The Crown Coming Soon

The Crown, a Progressive House single by Dutch producer Asvulation. It features his powerful, upbeat and highly euphoric melodic leads. Be sure and pick up your copy today. Released by […]

On Fire

On Fire In Stores Now

On Fire, an Electro House EP released by EDM producer DJ UOFO. Featuring two wonderfully original, House music tracks named On Fire and Vertigo. If you love House music then […]


Unshakable In Stores Now

Unshakable EP, the latest release from Russian producer AndyFirez. This EP is true-to-his-name, “FIRE”! If you’re a fan of high-energy, strong melodies and memorable moments, pick up a copy of […]


Epic In Stores Now

Epic, a brand-new single release from Spanish EDM producer Uri Farre. This House music track embodies every attribute that the hard-core EDM fan would love! If you’re a fan of […]


Drive In Stores Now

Drive, SMASH Nasty’s second release on ShiftAxis Records. This Dubstep single features his signature Banger sound. If you are a fan of hard-hitting low end, speaker crashing growls, and phat, […]


Python In Stores Now

Python, a brand-new Big Room single release from Indian producer Void Lous. This track consists of amazing Eastern melodies, poignant female vocal shorts, and powerful, highly energetic drum beats! Be […]

Laughing Octopus

Laughing Octopus In Stores Now

Laughing Octopus, a brand new Drumstep single released by Japanese producer whitepulse. If you love up-beat, high-energy tempo on top of driving melodies, then this is the perfect release for […]