Featured Artist (Week 4)


Born in southern Spain in 1987.  Producing electronic music since 2005 in 2012 decided to give life to Robosteel.  Though  having little time in the scene and has opened a hole in it through hard work, not just one style focuses on being open to any game with strong bass and contundent drums.

Robosteel’s first release “Dreamerama” on ShiftAxis Records debuted on the Beatport Glitch Hop release charts at the 36 spot and ever since he has been featured multiple times as well as charting with almost every release.

His second release “Gangbuster” smashed the Beatport charts climbing all the wasy up to the 17 spot on the Glitch Hop release chart with his single “Scared” staying on the Glitch Hop charts for almost a month making it all the way up to the 74 spot.

If you have ever wondering what it would sound like if you married a robot with a DJ then you should listen to Robosteel today!


“That’s Who I Am” EP climbs up the Beatport charts #12


After  four days from the initial release date the Greg Even’s “That’s Who I Am feat. Casio Kid & Ben Z” climbs up to the #12 spot on the Beatport #Top100 #GlitchHop #ReleaseCharts.

This is the first release from Greg Even featuring huge commercial vocals by Casio Kid and Ben Z. With strong remixes coming from worldwide sensations Robosteel (Spain) and Take Me Out (Italy) there is something for everyone on this huge release by ShiftAxis Records. Out now exclusive to Beatport.

We are so very proud of all of the lads on this EP. They have all worked very hard and deserve this. If you want to help support this release and it’s climb to the top please head over to Beatport and grab your copy today

The EP also charted Beatport #HipHop #Top100 at the #16 spot.



The EP also charted Beatport #Drum&Bass #Top100 at the #65 spot.



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