How Does It Work?

Send us your single audio track to meeting the requirements from “How to prepare a mix“. We will then master your track and send you a small sample back in return for you to preview the finished product.

Once you are satisfied with our service we will then ask for your payment via Paypal and send you the full length copy of the track in your preferred format. After that point we can offer helpful advice (if needed) on how to improve your mix along with helpful mixing techniques to give you the edge over the competition.

We can guarantee the final version will be something you enjoy! We also offer stem mastering for a greater price. The price is dependent of total number of bussed tracks received.

We now offer professional mixing at a very affordable rate. Send us an email to ask for more information and pricing!


Mastering Service

Thinking of sending your demo to a record label but feel your track is lacking that mastering “Golden Ear” touch? Well then look no further ShiftAxis Mastering is offering mastering packages starting at $20.00/track (New Price).

With a huge portfolio of 100 Beatport chart topping singles and EPs and over 100 satisfied clients we offer a mastering package rivaled by none. The $20.00/track (New price) package includes professional mixing advice, a CD Quality Wav Master along with an (optional) 320kbps Mp3 with Meta Data for promotional purposes. Discount packages available for multiple tracks (i.e. Album, EP and LP).

What sets us apart from other services is that we offer professional mixing advice, if needed, to help put the power back in your hands to help insure your growth and success!

If you have any questions or are interested in getting some mastering done professionally please send all inquiries to



With 20 years of experience in Audio Engineer including professional mastering ShiftAxis Mastering has been in the game for quite some time. Having mastered almost every release from (ShiftAxis Records) catalog including all 100 of it’s chart topping successes (on Beatport) ShiftAxis Records is no stranger to the job.

ShiftAxis Mastering has mastered tracks for many popular EDM artist around the world including Da Candy, DJ Dana Jasmine, Milner, Dynomyt, Seed, Hot Shit, Structure, BassTrixx, Mikey Sky, Kill The Queen, Another Monster, Broken Fly, LeReezo and Nebuk and as well as many others.

ShiftAxis Mastering has also handled the mastering for many Record Labels and releases for Records Labels including (ShiftAxis Records), Export Elite, The Pooty Club Records, Toast & Jam Recordings, Distorsion Records, Diablo Loco Records, Samoa Good Recordings, Digital Empire Recordings, Nightlife Recordings, Ters Music, Lad Records, Proto Records, Grimey Grooves, Broken Records (UK) and Etage Noir Special.

Please review the “How to prepare a mix” guide before submitting a track for this service