2017 Releases

Shut Down Deep Chords EP Ruby Infected Sword EP Touch The Sky Hands Up feat. PredZ Pangu Magnolia Watch It Burn feat. Eva Slowinsky Toxic Unified Cleopatra Dreams Jack Screecher Pyro Deep Feeling EP True Story Videsh Don’t Scare The Dark Beef EP Drop Cosmic Reboot EP I Feel So Brave Don’t Stop SnipSnap Reveal Two Winds Radio Signals EP Drop The Beat Summer Breeze feat. Lady Pista Golden Shower Take Me Up Shades of Dubai Oxygen EP Infinity Zone of Feelings Down EP Crank It Jackpot Influx Mojo Rampage Bound Together Spaces Uplifting EP Hell In The Cell Masked Day We Love Our House Vol. 1 Coughing EP Spheres Strange EP Night Life EP