3D Nation

3D Nation


3D Nation is a true pioneer of sound, creating their own musical cosmos of energetic, melodic and dreamy productions. Their passion and talent for all things music run through the time like a red thread. With an initial focus on electronic beats, 3D Nation soon developed own music vision that later transferred into electronic music with ease. What has stayed the same however, is their determination to get the best out of every single one of their productions. Ambition, determination and a likeable, cosmopolitan personality make 3D Nation into an authentic artist with great love for detail.


Cleopatra Dreams

Cleopatra Dreams is a powerful Big Room, Progressive House release from Ukrainian Electronic band “3D Nation”. If you are looking for the perfect track with lots of energy, heavy drum lines and sizzling synth leads then Cleopatra Dreams is the perfect release for you. Release by ShiftAxis Records.