Adan Andux was born in 1993, he is a DJ / Producer, of Cuban nationality. Developing a personalize style and leaning more and more to his cultural roots. Since 2018, ADAMDUX arises as a project born of the artist’s need to carry out the fusion of traditional and popular Cuban music with the most modern trends of electronic music in various of genres. Currently, he has published songs with several labels especially with ShiftAxis Records. Where he has been able to develop his passion for EDM without limits. Adamdux will continue to produce his music of high-energy for all.



Epopeya, is a 2021 Big Room, Electro House Music EP release by Cuban producer Adamdux. It features 2 tracks, Epopeya and Croma. Epopeya is a powerful, anthemic-vocal, Latin-Style, Big Room House banger, while Croma is a smooth Electro House, Cubano-Style classic! If you are a fan of dance music fused with ethnic music, then be sure and pick up your copy of this amazingly original EP today. Released by ShiftAxis Records.


Guerra is a 2021 Hard Dance Music single release by Cuban producer Adamdux. This powerhouse of a track is defined by high-energy club dance music mixed with Trap-style beats coupled with his Cubano-influenced EDM-style. Adamdux brings the summer heat with the massive, club-banger hit! If you want the dancefloor to drop, then this is the perfect track for you. Released by ShiftAxis Records.