Another Monster

Another Monster


There’s a monstrous sound coming from Atlanta, Georgia. It’s heavy, melodic and energetic. It’s dirty, loud, and filled with bass. It’s called Another Monster. Another Monster’s first official release via ShiftAxis Records, Time Traveler EP, received quite a bit of attention. Comprised of two original bangers, Close Encounters and Anthrax (Feat. Pocketz), Time Traveler took off in the first week ranking #1 for Trap/Hip Hop and #4 for Dubstep releases on Beatport. More recently, Another Monster has released some free originals and remixes getting multiple features on sites like and Another Monster creates a unique blend of melodic filth with bass lines that will surely leave you with a feeling of unease. AM has shared the stage with the likes of Downlink, Dieselboy, Kid Cedek, K.J. Sawka, Andy C, Protohype, Hulk, Mantis, Andy’s Ill and more.


Time Traveler

A Dubstep and Trap release on ShiftAxis Record’s by our newest artist Another Monster featuring lyrics by Pocketz! “Close Encounters” was featured on!

Squares N Things

Dynomyt’s third release on ShiftAxis Records Squares N Things, is a guaranteed banger of an EP. It consists of a Complextro House bassline heavy track with a catchy square wave lead and a brilliant guitar solo during the breakdown. The entire EP consists of huge Glitch Hop, Breaks and Dubstep remixes from Beatport chart topping artists such as DJ Brad Smith, Kill The Queen, Broken Fly, Another Monster and Electronic Ether. If you want guaranteed fire for your next DJ set, then do not pass this release up!

Breast Cancer Awareness Album

The ShiftAxis Records Breast Cancer awareness album is an EDM focus album geared to help spread awareness for Breast Cancer treatment and research. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.

Anthrax feat. Pocketz Remix EP

Our second remix contest for 2014 pulled in almost 150 remixes with so many to choose from it was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make in a remix contest. The race was close but we finally decided on 5 killer remixes that best fit the ShiftAxis Records sound. The winning remix was a Hip Hop/Trap style track made by HotSix which has tons of energy ready to slam any dance floor into action. The entire EP contains 5 amazing remixes in total as well as a VIP remix from none other than Another Monster himself.