Argentum started off playing the piano at the young age of 8 and later attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Music. After showcasing his talent in several bands, Argentum decided to move towards the rapidly-growing genre of hip hop.

He began to produce beats for local rap artists and was well known in the Lancaster area. After hearing EDM music, however, he jumped into the mix and started producing remixes. He soon combined his love of hip-hop with electronic music as he became popular in the Lancaster area.


Anthrax feat. Pocketz Remix EP

Our second remix contest for 2014 pulled in almost 150 remixes with so many to choose from it was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make in a remix contest. The race was close but we finally decided on 5 killer remixes that best fit the ShiftAxis Records sound. The winning remix was a Hip Hop/Trap style track made by HotSix which has tons of energy ready to slam any dance floor into action. The entire EP contains 5 amazing remixes in total as well as a VIP remix from none other than Another Monster himself.