Before The Storm

Before The Storm


Hailing from the depths of the California underground, Before The Storm is an EDM project created by producer Jarod Pace. For years Jarod played guitar in punk and metal bands in Seattle, Portland, and throughout California, but all the while still had an affinity for electronic music. With heavy music as the framework, Before The Storm is the logical next step for people into hyper-aggressive, ball busting music- a progression more logical than ad agency-approved EDM, rock and hip-hop. Before The Storm creates hard-hitting, mid-tempo, hard-style inspired EDM. This is not a sound that is inspired by spring breakers, but instead a soundtrack inspired by the painstaking day-to-day grind. If you like anthem driven, floor pounding hard-style music, you’re definitely going to love Before The Storm.


Culture Vultures

West Coast Hip Hop influenced Trap from producer Before The Storm, released on ShiftAxis Records, 2014.