EDM producer from Spain specializing in the Progressive House and Electro House sub-genres!


Blue Touch

Blue Touch is a Progressive House release featuring Bynamic from Spain with remixes from Deadhouse and Genius D. Releases by ShiftAxis Records in 2012.


Mystic is an amazing journey of remarkable musical power and sound design led by non-other than Spain’s very own, Bynamic. Mystic is a hard hitting dance-floor pounding, sub-layered lead, melody gliding EP, so chalked full of high energy and power that you wont be able to put it down for years to come. Grab a copy of this EP if you are looking to keep the party going all night!


Cristian Antonio’s debut release with ShiftAxis Records is a Progressive House melodic masterpiece sure to give you the goose bumps you need to help take your set to the next level. With Progressive House remixes by Breakbeat legend Mr. Smith a.k.a. DJ Brad Smith (United States) and Progressive House remixes by Bynamic (Spain) and Brunno (Brazil).

ShiftAxis Records remix EP of Dynomyt feat. Boogat Pega by HAS!, Hot Shit!, Akuno, Bynamic, DJ Dejan Manojlovic, LeReezo, Toast and The Element.

Come Play The Game

Come Play The Game is a Progressive and Electro House release featuring DJ Nato with remixes from Bynamic, Punked! and Filofox.