Da Candy

Da Candy


The Hottest and one of the most wanted and talented Female DJs in the world. A singer, known for such hot releases as «Love Me Loud», «It’s Time to Rock It» and «Just Like You», currently working on her debut album.

She is a radio host of CANDYNATION Radio show for radio stations all over the world such as Kiss FM, HotMix Radio, Capital Radio etc. Da Candy’s resume includes covers for «Maxim», «Living Magazine», «Chilanga Surf», «FHM» and «Artistas Magazine».


Love Me Loud feat. Kseniya Kess

Commercial Electro House by one of Europe’s hottest female DJs! DJ Da Candy. Featuring remixes by BassTrixx, Relative Fraction and Blindsight.

It’s Time To Rock It

EP featuring an original mix by DA Candy and Artem Teya with the ShiftAxis Records and Da Candy remix contest winning remixes featuing Vestic, Daniel Credyz and Centurion. Released by ShiftAxis Records.

It’s Time To Rock It Follow-Up Remix EP

The runners-up remixes from the ShiftAxis Records remix contest, featuring Da Candy’s original mix It’s Time To Rock It. With remixes by ill Rhythm, Aaron Garcia and ViceBoy.