Electronic Ether

Electronic Ether


Electronic Ether began producing drum and bass at the age of 15 and eventually moved onto Electro over the next year. He then began to Produce tracks in the styles of Hard Dance, Electro House, Dubstep and Glitch hop as his tastes grew.  He is always trying to challenge and better himself with each track he makes. His music typically consists of Heavy basslines and as of recently, Classic NES style leads and/or melodies.



Electronic Ether’s debut release on ShiftAxis Records promises to be something you won’t forget! This EP contains heavy Hard Dance fused Complextro House basslines coupled with Mord Fustang like complex melodies that will certainly take your DJ set to the next level. Any DJ looking for the perfect tracks to add to their 127-135 BPM DJ set should check this release out today!

Squares N Things

Electro House EP release featuring Dynomyt with remixes from DJ Brad Smith, Another Monster, Broken Fly, Kill The Queen and Electronic Ether.