Lumandra, DJ / Producer of 17 years, of Peruvian nationality. He grew up in a family where his relatives are musicians and in 2015 when he fell in love with electronic music, he was 13 years old. In 2018, the project, “Lumandra” was born thanks to the strong influences within the local and international scene. Lumandra is projected as one of the most outstanding emerging artists of the Peruvian electronic scene, having major influences in the sub genres: Future House, Bounce House, Deep House and Pop.


Move Your Body

Move Your Body is a Future Bounce EP release from Peruvian newcomer Lumandra. This young talent is quickly making a name for himself in the South American EDM scene. His professional sound, at only the age of 16, is made apparent in his Move Your Body EP. Be sure to keep a close watch on Lumandra as he climbs the international dance music scene. Released by ShiftAxis Records.