While he had no formal music production education, he knew that he wanted to create music for as many people as would listen. So he studied up on how DJ’s and producers make music, and found a program that suited his purposes. After fiddling around with many knobs and modulators he finally created something that sounded vaguely like real music…..and he’s been cranking out big rave tunes ever since.

While creating big room bangers is his main passion, the DJing aspect of the EDM scene always fascinated him as well. So, he bought some CDJ’s and a mixer and started taking gigs wherever he could find them. He hopes one day to make it as a big DJ/Producer and until that time he will just keep doing what he loves.


Blitzkrieg EP

The Blitzkrieg EP is a huge Big Room Electro House release by Japanese native Raveland. The first track in the EP, Blitzkrieg is named that way because it is an attack on the senses, as once it hits your ears you will never be the same, but in a good way! The hard bass line accompanied with the excellent lead melodies will leave you wanting more and more. The second track in the EP International Ravers is a prime example of good quality Big Room Electro House music. With its sequenced arpeggiated melodies and powerful Progressive House-like lead melodies and even a Trap-like bridge just to keep things nasty, you will find yourself p laying this track over and over again! If you want something that will never leave your playlist and keep those goose bumps fresh, then look no further than this GIANT Big Room Electro House release from international raver Raveland!

Breast Cancer Awareness Album

The ShiftAxis Records Breast Cancer awareness album is an EDM focus album geared to help spread awareness for Breast Cancer treatment and research. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.