Ricky Husk

Ricky Husk


Ricky Husk is a young DJ and producer born in 1994, began as a DJ at the age of 15 years playing all kinds of electronic music. After a few years he decided to begin creating his own sound, much inspired by the great artists of the world Ricky Husk is now ready to show his music to the world .. are you ready?


Vulcano EP

Ricky Husk is a brand new EDM artist hailing from the artistically rich country of Italy. His first release with ShiftAxis Records features big bass mixed with heavy synth sounds typically heard in the Dubstep genre. His Vulcano EP renders the perfect mixture of Dubstep-style bass with the high energy most commonly heard in today’s Hard Dance and Big Room genres. If you are looking for that new original sound that is sure to rock any dancefloor, then check out this new release from ShiftAxis Records and Ricky Husk!