Beto Lima is the name behind Seed, a Brazilian project with influences from various musical styles. His main characteristics are low aggressive sounds with many nuances and intricate work of edition and synchronization between the elements used.


Ragga Drop

ShiftAxis Records sixteenth release in 2012 featuring Seed.

Embrace feat. Veela

ShiftAxis Records seventh release in 2012 featuring Toast Face, Lupo, Seed and Audio Inhalation.

Kick Some Ass

2013 release from ShiftAxis Records featuring Seed.

Rock N Roll Bass

ShiftAxis Records first release back in April of 2012 featuring Dynomyt, Hot Shit!, Seed and Structure.

Ragga Drop Remix EP

The Seed Ragga Drop remix contest was a success. We had over 100 remixes submitted, and the judging was intense and after all the smoked cleared, three definitive winners were revealed. This EP is a bass heavy Reggae influenced release featuring Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Trap. If you are looking for that sweet Reggae vibe along with some bass heavy lows, then grab a copy of this remix EP today! Featuring a Remastered release of the original mix!