Tera Nitric


Tera Nitric is an EDM Producer and DJ born and bred from Uganda a country located in East Africa, he started pursuing his production career in 2018 while in his first year of law school at campus, and joined a Uganda group of EDM Producers and DJ’s called Electronic Wave (UG). He first released his first track in 2019 and has been growing from then trying to make various sub genres under EDM. He has managed to create songs and tracks in genres like Big Room, Progressive House, Future Trap EDM, Future Bass, Afro Big Room, Electro House. Tera Nitric can only say he is going to constantly make music of different genres to surprise his listeners. Stay Tuned!



Radiance is a 2021 Big Room House Music single release by Ugandan producer Tera Nitric and Kenyan producer Drue. This high-energy club dance music banger exemplifies their passion for loud and fast music. If you want the dance-floor to drop, then this is the perfect track for you. Released by ShiftAxis Records.