Tekssive is not just a DJ, he is an experience. He is a state of mind. He is the transporter of minds and souls to an amazing frantic paradise that, while leaving you knackered, strangely also leaves you feeling re-invigorated. If it’s not designer, it doesn’t go anywhere near him) he makes an imposing figure who commands respect.

His confident appearance is matched by his masterful control of a good mixing desk. Before each set he always powers down the previous track and leads the packed dance floor in a show of appreciation for the out-going DJ, before kick-starting his performance into a blaze of visuals, an orchestra of special effects which extracts every quality beat of each track as he begins his show.

To watch Tekssive is part of the experience. Cocky? Perhaps, but certainly not arrogant, Tekssive is now in control of the minds and bodies of his audience. A very precise and confident body language gives a visual indication to what he is playing as he acts out each track.

Yet, he is not dancing; this is something far more emotional. Imagine watching a porn star having hot, rough, yet passionate but dominating sex to a breathless, wailing lover which, in this case, comes in the shape of a mixing desk. Forceful, dominant, aggressive yet somehow tender and caring. The visual impact allows your body to further immerse itself in the ecstasy he is submitting you to your ears alone cannot possibly absorb everything that he is throwing at you.

As for his sound, imagine every track as a partially completed canvas. Through the use of effects on the mixing desk, Tekssive adds his own color, texture and feel as he maximizes every beat of every track to create the unique insane sound. His precision mixing at incalculable speeds is part of the show; as each track mixes in you can positively feel the dancefloor going up a notch to keep up with the frantic and energetic DJ.


Illusion Attack On EP

Illusion Attack On EP is Malaysian producer Tekssive’s debut release on ShiftAxis Records. It features two hard-hitting, high-energy tracks primed and ready to send shockwaves across the dance floor. If you are looking for some new flare for your playlist, then look no further than Illusion Attack On.

We Are Indestructible

We Are Indestructible is Malaysian producer Tekssive’s second release on ShiftAxis Records. It features a high energy Electro House original mix that is sure to keep the dance floor pumpin’. If you’re looking for something new and original, then pick up a copy of We Are Indestructible today.