2016 Releases

Layer Sick Bass Jupiter Love Falling Into Fantasy Coming Alive feat. Natalie Major Investiture 61 EP Beneath The Surface Moving Timpany EP Big Bounce EP Sicker Than Most Legend Has It feat. el’Rico Falling To Pieces feat. Charlotta Gravity Emporium Get Down Black Mamba Everything Is Different Moderation Streets & Us Frozen Heart Human Relations Smash BEATS Armageddon Seeking The Light Living In The Moment EP Wide Open Together Forever Centaur Accords of Atlantis Firequake EP Infinitum Trident EP Bad Boy EP Mosaic feat. Nathan Brumley Woop Traveling Dumuzi EP The Getaway EP Break It KILL THE TRVP EP Cavalier Check Another Sound Rotten Connected EP Deep In Love Remix EP Journey Through Sound EP Skydive Fly feat. PADMEEK Suka The Pharaoh The Wave Stacta Destiny Venturer Clockwork EP Against All Odds EP Genetic Clouds Chemical Generation Green EP Daftcomb Riddim This Moment Mountain In September KING Raver