2019 Releases

Moments House Of Cards The Savour Of Life Glazing Don’t Stop Upon Crunchy Connection Aquila Chongo! Breeze Layers Battle of the gods Hurry Jolly Fellow Hero’s Journey Bird’s Castle New Beginning Play the game feat. Relaye Police Space Rave Duality Let’s Just Dance Remix EP Rock This Haus Alright Badjack Hypnotize Innocent In My Hand Feeling Vibes Instant I’m Too Good For You Survivor Fear Vigour Cloudy With A Chance Of Nuclear War Arc Memories Explorer I Am A Division Fun & Fire Inferno Thunder MetaCognition Lose Control Home Tonight Remix EP Haki Feel The Floor Wake Me Got My Swagger Back Let’s Get It Perfect For Me Collide Beast Blow Magic Miracle Beyond Getting High Tonight Imagination Tremors Raid HUBBUB Love Die Out Of My Mind No One Lives